Well one of my goals for 2011 is to take my art somewhere... Firstly I need to get some work done so I at least have a decent range to show.

So time to stop making 'Karley Johns originals' for those beloved of mine and start making pieces that catch the eye of Joe Public.

Currently on the go:

'She's Gone Postal' - 60% completed
'His Time' - currently in design/planning process
'NZ' - North Island completed, South Island about to be started
'Message in a Bottle' - 90% completed
'Time In A Bottle' - 90% completed
'Face of Love' - 90% completed
 and working on a personalised piece for myself 'Karley' close to completion.

I love having so many projects on the go at once.  Keeps me from losing focus and becoming bored.

As they say......... WATCH THIS SPACE!

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