Tuesday 22 February 2011 Christchurch was hit by a 6.3 earthquake which has claimed many lives and devasted the city.
Wanting to do something to help raise money for the people of Christchurch, I have offered to donate 3 pieces of my work for a charity auction being organised on Trade Me by a group of ladys calling themselves 'Handmade for Christchurch' on FaceBook.


'NEW ZEALAND' I made in 2008
'CANTERBURY FAITH' & 'LIVE LAUGH LOVE' have both been made specifically for the auction.  Both feature the Canterbury colours of red & black.
I hope they appeal to bidders and raise a good amount - proceeds going to The Salvation Army & Womens Refuge.
Well one of my goals for 2011 is to take my art somewhere... Firstly I need to get some work done so I at least have a decent range to show.

So time to stop making 'Karley Johns originals' for those beloved of mine and start making pieces that catch the eye of Joe Public.

Currently on the go:

'She's Gone Postal' - 60% completed
'His Time' - currently in design/planning process
'NZ' - North Island completed, South Island about to be started
'Message in a Bottle' - 90% completed
'Time In A Bottle' - 90% completed
'Face of Love' - 90% completed
 and working on a personalised piece for myself 'Karley' close to completion.

I love having so many projects on the go at once.  Keeps me from losing focus and becoming bored.

As they say......... WATCH THIS SPACE!

Very happy with myself having gotten 2 projects completed and pics loaded into my Galleries.

First piece was a 2nd 'complimentary' canvas collage for my favourite little girl - Ciara.  She turned 2 beginning of this month, so I made a canvas collage photo montage of her from birth to age 2.

Second piece was small canvas with a collaged heart attached to it and the word 'LOVE' in a variety of languages round the canvas edge.

I am really pleased with both pieces.

Onwards with completing other projects on the go!

Well my poor art really has been neglected for way too long, so time to set some goals!

I have 5 projects on the go and it's time to finish them.

MANNEQUIN 01/11/2010
The mannequin I scored from SaveMart for my 2010 Collage Challenge.  A blank canvas right now.
I have been looking about for a mannequin body to collage and yesterday I finally scored one!

I was in SaveMart (like a giant OpShop) found a nice canvas to do a project on and while I was there I asked about who supplies the neck to knee fem mannequins they use to display clothes on.

Thinking the guy there was going off to get me details of the supplier, he comes back with a mannequin and gives it to me for $5.00 because it had a chip in the neck part.

You didn't need to ask me twice if I wanted it.  I am thrilled and now have my challenge for 2010.

Now to find all the wording I am going to need to cover it :O

Love a challenge :)

Check out Karlyz Favs page.  I will be adding all my favourite artists and suppliers website links there in the future.

I found my way to a supplier site, the other night (I was looking for alphabet dies) and came across 'BrodiesMum'

I highly recommend this business, if you want great customer service and good prices and a fabulous range of craft/scrapbooking products to chose from.

Sara was prompt at replying to my query and certainly has advised me wisely & helped me decide what products would be best for my future 'collaging' needs.  Thanks Sara!

I now excitedly await the arrival of 2 sets of Quickutz alphabet dies.  This will enable me to get my 'Time in a Bottle' piece finished, so watch this space :)

Toodlepip from Karley
I have just been asked to decorate a mask recently used by a dear friend of mine who has just completed a course of radiation therapy.
I am very excited but also very nervous about this project.  She has given me full 'carte blanche' with the design eek!    I really want to do the best I can with this project.

"Time In A Bottle' is a mixed media piece that is about 70% completed.

I have plans to do a canvas collage piece focused on remembering our soldiers who served at Gallipoli and the Western Front.   It's in 'idea' stage right now.
I just love this photograph of my eldest daughter Kayla and have featured it in a piece using moulding compund.  Check it out in MIsc Gallery 2.
Big thanks going out to Miss Lovely aka Amanda :)
She got me going on this site and boy have I been a busy bee the past couple of weeks.
Thanks for your guidance and support Lovely.
Not sure if this will be of interest to others, but it feels good to be able to have my own 'online exhibition'.
Way I look at it, you will either love my work or hate it, and either is okay.  Not everyone's cuppa of tea is the same :)
Right, I have lots of arty farty things on the go right now, so will sign off and go get some work done.

Toodlepip from Karley