I have been looking about for a mannequin body to collage and yesterday I finally scored one!

I was in SaveMart (like a giant OpShop) found a nice canvas to do a project on and while I was there I asked about who supplies the neck to knee fem mannequins they use to display clothes on.

Thinking the guy there was going off to get me details of the supplier, he comes back with a mannequin and gives it to me for $5.00 because it had a chip in the neck part.

You didn't need to ask me twice if I wanted it.  I am thrilled and now have my challenge for 2010.

Now to find all the wording I am going to need to cover it :O

Love a challenge :)




02/04/2010 03:02:57

O0o0o0o0o will be looking forward to
Seeing how this one will turn out!!!
Awesome of course, cos its u doing but,
will be soo neat!! Let me know how ya
gt on ok mum!!


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